Friday, July 9, 2010

Getting Started

Today i started again and again , to build up my self without human support...

Refer to our prophet Muhammad ( S.A.W) , Learn until to china,

Borrow some TAO wisdom from Lao-Tse, China's ancienst sage ;

"Begin difficult things when they are easy,
Do great things when they are small,
The difficult things of the world,
Must once have been small,
A thousand mile journey,
Begins with the first step"

Getting rich start with getting started. Getting started requires courage and confidence. By now, having worked out your number and your business plan, there is every reason to be confident,because your have already mentally listed out all the things that need to be done.


* entirely out of your own savings.
* getting a loan from your husband/wife/father/brother/cousin/friend.
* by obataining a partner, who may be a friend who wants to go into business with you, or who admires and respects you. Go TO HELL siapa selain dari itu.
* by raising some capital from a business associate who be lieves in you/your ideas and is prepared to be silent partner.
* by applying for "venture capital financing" from banks and finacial institutions who have set aside funds for such purposes.
* by applying for a bank loan or,through a mix of the all of the above, in virus permutations.


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