Friday, August 20, 2010

[ Telenovela ] Rosalinda were famous on 1999


Rosalinda is a sweet woman living with her poor Mexican family. When her mother, who is not really her mother, dies, she meets Fernando Jose, whose father was killed by her real mother and is currently serving prison time for. Because of a complicated illness, she loses her memory and falls in love with another man, Alex. Upon hearing Fernando play the piano, Rosalinda regains her memory but now must choose which man she will marry.

Main story line
Rosalinda is a pretty 20-year-old girl who sells flowers and decorates a fancy restaurant. One day, she meets Fernando Jose, a man of high social status. He plays the piano at the restaurant. They eventually fall in love, get married, and have a child named Erika, but his stepmother Valeria desires to split the happy couple up. And she has the perfect way of doing so. Rosalinda's real mother, Soledad, served a 20-year prison sentence for the murder of Fernando Jose's real father. She was innocent, but took the blame. After finding out this horrible news, Fernando Jose abandons Rosalinda and her daughter. Valeria kidnaps Erika. Rosalinda goes into a depression and eventually loses her mind. She is locked up in a mental hospital.

Flight into the night
One night, the mental hospital catches fire and burns down. Rosalinda fortunately manages to escape. However, her loved ones are convinced she is dead. She meets an old man who forces and shows her how to steal. Suffering from a major case of amnesia, she is forced to become a thief. She meets Alex Dorantes while trying to steal from his house. Alex cleans her up and she takes on the identity of Paloma Dorantes and becomes a singer. She falls in love with Alex, the talent agent who makes her famous. Fernando Jose marries Rosalinda's cousin, Fedra.

Rosalinda's life with Alex seems to be going well. However, things just didn't seem to be totally right. One night, Rosalinda and Alex attend one of Fernando Jose's concerts. He played a song which happened to be the first one he played the day they met. This seemed to trigger Rosalinda's memory of her past. Overwhelmed by these memories, Rosalinda scurries out of the concert hall and gets hit by a car. Alex rushes her to the hospital. It is then that Rosalinda realizes that she is not Paloma, but Rosalinda.

Choices, choices
Now that Rosalinda has gained her memory back, she must go back and fight to gain her child back, her family, and maybe even Fernando Jose in the process. Along the way, she encounters many life-changing events. She encounters many obstacles with Valeria and her cronies, and even discovers who Fernando Jose's real mother is Veronica, Valeria's sister who was separated from her family because Valeria was in love with José Fernando the father of Fernando José. Then Valeria told José Fernando that Veronica was dead.

Here comes the bride
Valeria gets incarcerated and ends up miserable and desperate in jail. The novela ends with Fernando Jose and Rosalinda leaving the church. They live happilly ever after


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