Thursday, July 15, 2010

[ Video 18sx ] Qué Locura - comedy show from Venezuela , dont copy to malaysia.


[ Video 18sx ] Qué Locura -

Rancangan komedi yang paling ramai jumlah penonton di venezula, dan mencapai hot search di google.

[ video clip tidak boleh saya paparkan kerana unsur-unsur lucah sedikit ]

¡Qué Locura! is a television comedy show from Venezuela. In English, "¡Qué Locura!" translates as "What Madness!" or "What Insanity!"

The show, which was first broadcasted in 2001, is produced by Venevision and directed by Hugo Carregal, and has, as of the beginning of 2007, around 150 episodes. Que Locura has become a hit in the United States (where it is shown by Univision) as well as in other South American countries.

The premise of the show involves concealed cameras filming pranks on celebrities, both local and international. It is similar to Punk'd on MTV in the United States.

Among the show's pranks, there is one where the celebrity is driven to Venevision's parking lot (thinking that he or she is going to be interviewed on a television show), then told by a "security guard" that he or she cannot proceed because the celebrity's name does not appear on the list of Venevision's guests for that day.This popular guard is called El Inspector Rodriguez. Other pranks include an apparently incapacitated man jumping all over celebrities, distorting music during a Wisin & Yandel performance, and fake policemen stopping celebrity cars to hand out "tickets".

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